Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance WV (DBSA WV) and William R. Sharpe Jr. Hospital joined forces to provide Christmas decorations for Welch Community Hospital in McDowell County. Michelle Markovich, assistant director of William R. Sharpe Jr. Hospital, contacted Diana Thompson, Executive Director of DBSA WV, to see if there was a way the organization could help to replenish the hospital’s decorations that were recently destroyed in the flooding.

“I knew there were people in Buckhannon and Upshur County wh would be willing to donate ‘gently used’ Christmas items for a good cause.” So, Ms. Thompson began asking local churches if people had items to donate. She also stopped by yard sales and asked for donations of items that did not sell. “We received beautiful Christmas trees, boxes of lighting and bulbs, and lots of Christmas decorating items. Some new gift items were also donated for the patients in McDowell County,” Thompson said.

“Partnering together can create a bridge anywhere in the state, and this is a way to help residents feel like home in the hospital,” Markovich said. Partnering with DBSA WV, a community organization and William R. Sharpe Hospital is a way to do that. Forging healthcare partnerships is essential for DBSA WV to achieve its goal also. Partnering with other groups helps DBSA to get its literature on various mood disorders and where people can find support group meetings across the state as well.

For more information on depression, bipolar, PTSD, anxiety, and other mood disorders, stop by the DBSA office at 61 Marion St. Buckhannon, WV, 11-2 Monday to Friday to speak with a trained peer support specialist. We are there for you. Call 304-472-2662 or look us up on the web at Our motto is: “We’ve Been There, We Can Help.”

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