Welcome and thank you for helping peers improve their lives. Below you will find news and resources for Support Group Facilitators.

In 2022 PsychCentral ranked DBSA Support Groups “Best overall!”

Read the full article here.

Training Information

Whether you are a new facilitator or an experienced one, raise your facilitation skills up to the next level by attending DBSA’s free, interactive Virtual Facilitator Training.  Taught by experienced support group facilitators, this 8-hour introductory training class includes 2 – 3 separate sessions featuring lecture, question and answer segments and mock facilitator practice.

Participants must attend all sessions of a particular class to receive a certificate of participation. Please note that these training sessions are intended for peers who are working with a DBSA chapter or DBSA support group.

Available Sessions, Dates and Times:

Intro Fac Training March3/19 & 3/262pm – 6pm Eastern time
Intro Fac Training April4/09 & 4/232pm – 6pm Eastern time
Facilitator Think Tank4/148pm Eastern time
Intro Fac Training May5/6 & 5/133pm – 7pm Eastern time
Facilitator Think Tank5/128pm Eastern time
Facilitator Think Tank6/98pm Eastern time
Intro Fac Training June06/21, 06/23, 06/256-9pm Eastern time, Final class 6-8pm

To Register for any of the above sessions, please email Jill at jburgos@dbsalliance.org

Please include the following: your full name, your chapter name, email address and chapter president or support group coordinator’s name and email.

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