In response to the COVID-19 Pandemic and the issue creating the need to stop face to
face groups, DBSA WV has decided to implement the following temporary procedure
until the danger of the COVID-19 Pandemic has passed.

DBSA peer facilitators have been asked to use Zoom accounts to connect with their
group participants via Zoom online. DBSA WV will be helping financially with the cost
of the Zoom expense. DBSA National is still offering online support groups for those
that are interested as well.

This is a temporary solution to a temporary situation with the COVID-19 Pandemic. I
believe that face to face is usually always going to be the best way for people to meet
and support each other, but until the Pandemic has passed it is in everyone’s best
interest to use online services. For the safety of everyone, DBSA WV is requesting that
face to face groups stop meeting until further notice.

In light of the current situation, I ask for your patience and understanding. At this time8rLuILud_400x400
our main concern is to continue making support services available and to keep all
involved safe from spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Stay Safe!
Nancy Marshall, Executive Director

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